Legal Outsourcing
Legal Process Outsourcing
We have identified legal process outsourcing as a key focus area. We provide end-to-end legal outsourcing solutions with a vision and focused strategy to continuously scale our delivery capabilities for both the domestic and overseas markets.
We undertake legal process outsourcing projects from various law firms, companies and sole practitioners. Our highly qualified and experienced legal professionals draft, review and manage high-volume routine contracts. Offshore lawyers can cost as little as 50% of what onshore lawyers cost. Commitment to end-to-end legal outsourcing and on-time delivery is our unique selling proposition.

We take pride in having worked with leading organizations in the Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Telecom industries which has helped us establish legal process outsourcing competencies in these industries. Having a good understanding of all aspects of law, Jus novum has stroke a balance between the economy and quality of services that are being offered to our clients not only in India, but across the globe.
As a result of globalization, core competencies have become paramount. In such a scenario outsourcing to a specialist LPO can offer economies of scale, while letting the company continue to focus on its core activities. Our long associations with clients looking for legal process outsourcing are growing stronger and healthier day by day as they find enhanced value and better efficiencies from our legal outsourcing services. To meet the increasing demands of LPO in India, we have moved beyond the ambit of legal services and have positioned ourselves as business partners by providing legal outsourcing in domestic and overseas market.

Ninety percent of a lawyer's work is legal research and drafting, and all these are now done through legal process outsourcing.
In the past few years, the LPO industry has grown substantially. Legal Process Outsourcing is a booming new industry that employs thousands of young lawyers to do legal work at a small fraction of the cost of the offshore lawyers.
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